Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A look inside the makings of Keeley's Fight

So there's a few reviews out there that have complain about the fact that Ty and Nate "choke" Keeley during sex... Is it really so offensive? You see the thing with Keeley's Fight is that so many of the things that happened to her, happened to me personally. A lot of her story is exaggerated and fictionalized or even down played for reader enjoyment.
But here's the thing, in many ways she is me. My step-dad was her dad, while I was not forced to quit school, I was forced to take care of his child when I was just a pre-teen. His child had many mental disabilities that at 11-16 yrs of age, no one is prepared to take care of. He belittled me, insulted me, made me doubt my self worth and value as a person. He was an alcoholic and gambling addict. I hated him with every fibre of my being, hell I still do!
Now my mom was in NO WAY like Keeley's at all. My mom had her own demons and battles to fight, I saw the struggle she faced daily. Which is why, like so many other kids, I kept my mouth shut at what my step-dad was doing to me. I didn't want to be that burden to her. I didn't want to add to that stress. I love my mom, she is my very best friend, my biggest supporter, and the best person I will ever know!
So I hope that clears some stuff up in regards to that.

Now let's talk about the "chocking" this came as a huge surprise to me while writing, it was not in the plans. Not even a thought on the horizon. But then it happened. And it was natural. It was beautiful (in my opinion) and it's again something I personally enjoy. It brings me comfort, it's safety, it's home. My husband is the ONLY person to ever do it to me and the only person I would trust to. It's not something for anyone to just do, it involves a lot of trust for everyone involved.
So when Nate first did it to Keeley while having sex, I was shocked but then I kept going and I liked it, I struggled with whether or not to delete even after I handed the book over to my wonderful beta's. But then they loved it too. Perhaps the complaints come from the fact people don't feel I resolved Keeley's feelings around it enough? Maybe they secretly want to try it, but are too afraid? Or maybe they 're scared because it turns them on? Who knows, and quite frankly who cares. I love the kink it brings to the book, because this is a sweet story, and it's how I wanted it to be. I love it! But for those of you who maybe want more, know this.... Next year I plan to rewrite some it and add to it.
For now I hope this answers some questions you might have about these things :)

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